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Instagram Influencer, 22, Claims Learning About WW2 Would Hit Millennials’ Mental Health

Freddie Bentley is a British reality television celebrity who is mainly known for his appearance on the reality game show “The Circle” and for his Instagram feed. He has recently come under fire online after appearing on the TV show Good Morning Britain and arguing an unpopular opinion. In the piece on GMB, Bentley states […]

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Red meat red flags discredited: Fake meat may be worse for your health

Let them eat steak: Hold the shame, red meat is not bad for you or climate change Will Coggin Opinion contributor Published 5:00 AM EDT Nov 2, 2019 Imagine ordering dinner at your favorite restaurant. You know what you want without hesitation: a perfectly marbled 8-ounce steak cooked medium rare. Just before you order, your date […]

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E.P.A. to Tighten Limits on Science Used to Write Public Health Rules – The New York Times

A E.P.A. spokeswoman said in an emailed statement, “The agency does not discuss draft, deliberative documents or actions still under internal and interagency review.” On Wednesday, the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology will hold a hearing on E.P.A.’s efforts. A top pulmonary specialist and a representative of the country’s largest nonprofit funder of […]

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The Real Truth About Dentistry –

An intriguing long form piece appears in the May 2019 issue in Atlantic titled “The Truth About Dentistry: It’s much less scientific—and more prone to gratuitous procedures—than you may think,” written by Ferris Jabr, see This article has a lot of people talking including dentists, physicians, and patients who have experience with dentists throughout […]

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Being Surrounded By Chronic Complainers Could Be Damaging Your Health

Complaining might be good in some ways but overall, it doesn’t do much to help us. Sure, it’s a means of letting some stress out but when we become chronic complainers or surround ourselves with chronic complainers’ real problems tend to ensue. The more we complain and the more surrounded we are by those who […]

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Everyday Superhero: Dr. Andrew V., Cosmetic Dentistry – My Jaanuu

We asked Dr. Andrew Vo – a dentist, spin instructor and Captain in the United States Army – for his best self care tips, even when life and work throw a lot at you. Where are you from? Huntington Beach, CA What is your favorite part about your job? I love to change negative experiences a patient may […]

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Enter For Your Chance to Win Invisalign For Your Child – SheKnows

When the final school bell rings and two months of unstructured free time stretch out before your kids, back-to-school season may feel like a lifetime away. But in reality, it’s just a few weeks, meaning now is the time to schedule all those late-summer doctors appointments. And if your child is one of the millions […]

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New Zealand: Mental health, cultural difficulties said to explain why Muslim migrant keeps sexually assaulting women

The claim of “cultural difficulties ” as a ploy to let “off the hook” that vile Muslim who makes sex assaults against women proves the the old saying is true .The saying is that “Evil is always looking for an excuse.” The only real “cultural difficulties” is the outstanding decent values Western civilization which are […]

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Inslee directs Washington state health board to ban flavored vape products | The Seattle Times

This content was originally published here.

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Two hours a week is key dose of nature for health and wellbeing — ScienceDaily

Spending at least two hours a week in nature may be a crucial threshold for promoting health and wellbeing, according to a new large-scale study. This content was originally published here.

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